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Wine Tasting at La Marine, Kelly's Resort Hotel

Wine Tasting - La Marine, Kelly's Resort Hotel
Fees: €15 pp
Upcoming Dates: 

  • Thursday 4th May - Wine Tasting “Spanish Delights” with Sommelier Aleksander

  • Thursday 15th June - Wine Tasting “Wines from around the world” with Sommelier Aleksander

Kelly's Resort Hotel hold a number of wine tasting events throughout the year which are a great way to explore the world of wine and meet like minded people in a relaxed environment. 

Kelly's Resort Hotel are renowned for their wine treasures, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere and which can only be bought in limited quantities. Kelly's have been importing their own wines directly from France and Italy for the past 20 years. "With the mission of picking the very best for the Kelly's Wine List, there is only one alternative; meeting the producers. The wines are chosen to deliver a good blend of quality, at excellent prices. Spending is no guarantee of quality, careful tasting however is!" Bill Kelly

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