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German Rieslings Wine Tasting Class

From EUR 55

18th May 2017 at ely bar & brasserie - €55 per person

German Rieslings need no introduction- they are among the most wonderful, delicate, intense and sublime wines known to man, ranging from bone dry to decadently sweet and everything in between. But the full story of the German Wine scene doesn’t stop there. Reds are increasingly important, led from the front by Spätburgunder – better known to most of us as Pinot Noir. It would be a bold statement to say that the Pinots produced here are second only to the very best of Burgundy, but we’re going to say it anyway!

Date: 18 May 2017
Time: 7pm
Location: ely bar & brasserie
Cost: €55.00

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From EUR 55

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