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Riesling Wine Tasting Class

From EUR 50

15th June 2017 at  ely bar & brasserie - €50 per person

The Riesling grape is hugely popular for wine production in many countries. One german produced Riesling incorporates red apple fruit hints and a slate like minerarlitly. Alsace Riesling has a slightly richer, citrus freshness, while Australian produced Rieslings tend to be more steely with a lime tautness which taste fantastic as they mature. Other countries producing wines from this fine grape include New Zealand and Austria. Join us for a wine tasting at ely bar and brasserie where the very best of Riesling wines will be on show. 

Date: 15th June 2017
Time: 7pm
Location: ely bar & brasserie
Cost: €50.00

From EUR 50

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