Client Testimonials - Good Food Ireland Tours

We are always delighted to get feedback from our guests - below are some of the reviews we have received to date:

Review by Ginger Aarons from Dublin
"Margaret Jeffares' company Good Food Ireland is a new local food movement that has swept Ireland and has given the tour operator and visitors to Ireland more intelligent choices to stay, eat, and play. Supporting the local farmer, the local guest house, or local restaurant is what the company is about and she has given a voice to the local people in Ireland. It is simply brilliant marketing and Margaret is the one of the best marketers around, believing in what she is selling and lending a guiding hand to Ireland by putting Ireland on the map for the road to good food! Need a recommendation? Check out the website! It is full of great ideas and will most certainly make the next trip to Ireland a local experience. I use Margaret's recommendations without fail on all of Time Travel's tours."

Review by Eric Cathcart from USA
"Hello good foodies, I need to report that we have been completely blown away by the quality of the food here in Ireland, but more importantly, by the passion of each and everyone we have met in the Good Food Ireland family of members and providers. Throw away all of the preconceptions of what Irish food is like. They have taken good food to a level I have never experienced because of their genuine love, pride, and passion. And yes, the folks at GFI are very real and have just the same level of passion if not more. Sláinte!"

Review by Raymond Keaney from Dublin
"Many congratulations on the wonderful job you and your team are doing at Good Food Ireland. It is the most innovative development in Irish tourism for some time."

Review by Ian Walker Skipper
"It is not just the food and the service that Margaret and her team have provided. It is the smiley faces, it is the jokers, the camaraderie. If anything, they have been trying to mother us half the time, they see us coming in looking bedraggled and they see it as there is a challenge to put good food inside us and recharge our batteries for the next leg, Good Food Ireland, I salute you!"


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